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Organic wine

holds the truth

A fine selection of the best organic wines is stored in our cellars. Most of them come from Austria and have been selected with a lot of passion by our qualified sommelier Eveline Wandl. We are particularly proud of the powerful and elegant Banfalu from our in-house Edition Leutascherhof. The red wine produced by the Sepp Moser winery won the Best of Wine Award in 2014. Our range is complemented by a large selection of exquisite spirits. Just ask. Eveline Wandl advises you with kindness and great expertise!


High quality wines and a well trained staff, who can inform the guests well, are important for the Leutascherhof – and also the connection to the biological thought must be present. Our qualified sommelier is currently working on particularly harmonious combinations of food and wine, so that you are offered a harmonious all-round experience!


How about, for example, an orange wine, also called “natural”? In addition to white and red, orange is the third – so far less well-known – wine colour. The wines mature naturally, without yeast, enzymes or added sugar. In addition, they are not filtered, are exposed to natural fluctuations throughout the year during the ripening process and are therefore simply something very special!


“In autumn I completely renewed our wine list – there are only organic wines left, or wines from wineries that are currently converting to organic. In my opinion, they simply taste much better, rounder and more natural – without necessarily costing more”!

Leutascherhof Qualified Sommelier Eveline Wandl

10.12.2020 - 05.04.2021


7 nights incl. organic special board

from € 779,- per person

10.12.2020 - 05.04.2021


7 nights incl. cross-country skiing course

from € 875,- per person

Organic Beer

Also all other drinks in our assortment are organic and excellent – from cola to beer! We buy our organic beer from four different breweries: Starkenberger-Bioperle, Siegl-Paracelsus, Brauhaus Gusswerk and Neumarkter Lammsbräu

“A lot of people think beer isn't really greatly processed, so it's pure anyway. This is not the case, however, as conventional beer is almost always preserved. So it is not only the organically farmed areas where hops, water and malt are produced that matter, but also the brewing process.”

Christian Wandl, Leutascherhof Manager