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Working and living together

The Wandl family welcomes you to the Biohotel Leutascherhof

He takes care of the hotel management and the reception. She manages the service in the hotel restaurant and, as a trained and certified sommelier, helps guests to choose an excellent organic wine. Christian Wandl and his wife Eveline run the Biohotel Leutascherhof in Leutasch with both heart and mind: together they put their philosophy of sustainability into practice every day. They are supported by committed employees who have made their mission providing enjoyment without a guilty conscience. The guests of the Leutascherhof can give in to enjoyment with a good conscience.

He got the ball rolling: Senior Director Otto Wandl successfully managed the Leutascherhof together with his wife Margit for more than 25 years. At the same time it was he who, as chef, felt that it was time for a change: in 2008 he led the kitchen of the Leutascherhof to the exclusive use of organic products. Through the use of high-quality products, the chef of many years once again felt joy in his old passion for cookery. He has passed this on to his successor: Marian Köhler stepped into his shoes one year ago and since then she has been the one in charge of the wooden spoon in the Biohotel Leutascherhof.

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