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Live. Work. Enjoy.

The philosophy behind the Biohotel Leutascherhof

Eveline and Christian Wandl are convinced that changes begin on a small scale. As hosts at the Biohotel Leutascherhof they live by a philosophy of sustainability. This not only relates to acting responsibly with regard to nature, but goes much further. There is one thing that we never lose sight of in the Leutascherhof: the human being at the centre of it all. What does this person need to be happy? Our answer: Enjoyment without a bad conscience.

Our daily actions are characterised by a holistic perspective. We always try to see everyone who is involved: this starts with the farmers who supply the fresh organic eggs for our organic breakfast buffet and who are paid fairly for their excellent work. The relates to our dedicated employees, who are given the opportunity for personal development. And that influences the way we deal with our guests. We see people and treat them with cordiality and a sense of responsibility.

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