1 General

The organizer of this competition is Hotel Leutascherhof - Wandl OHG, Weidach 305 in cooperation with DB and ÖBB. By participating in the competition, the participant agrees to the following conditions of participation. Wandl OHG is responsible for the organization, processing and provision of prizes and distribution of prizes.

This competition is aimed exclusively at guests of the Hotel Leutascherhof.

All references to persons and functions in the masculine form used in these conditions of participation also apply in the feminine form.

2 Eligibility

Natural persons are entitled to participate.

Employees of the Hotel Leutascherhof and the advertising agency inpublic GmbH are excluded from participation.

Participation in the competition is dependent on the purchase of a service or a booking in the period from 08.12.22 to 26.03.23 and the mention of the code word: GRÜNE REISE.

Persons from the age of 18.

3 Prize

The prize is a voucher for free travel on ÖBB and DB trains.

The trip is booked together with ÖBB and DB.

The winners will be contacted by Hotel Leutascherhof and/or published on social media.

The claim to the prize cannot be assigned.

The prize can also be subsequently revoked or/and reclaimed if it was obtained through manipulation or other violation of applicable laws, other legal provisions or these conditions of participation.

4 Execution of the competition

Participation in the competition is only possible until 20.11.22.

In order to participate in the competition, an offer or a booking must be made for a stay in the period from 08.12.22 to 26.03.23.

Indication of the code word: GREEN TRAVEL at the time of booking to participate in the sweepstakes.

The competition will take place online on the website, the official social media channels of Hotel Leutascherhof and via newsletter.

The draw will take place at random if all criteria (see point 2) have been met.

The determination of the winners will take place under exclusion of the public.

The arrival and departure will only be booked with ÖBB and DB after the draw and determination of the winners.

5 Acceptance of the prize

The winner will be notified by Hotel Leutascherhof. The claim to the prize arises exclusively upon receipt of the written prize notification.
The winner must accept the prize within 3 working days by contacting Hotel Leutascherhof. If the prize is not accepted within this period, the claim to the prize shall be forfeited and the prize shall be drawn again by Hotel Leutascherhof at its own discretion and among the remaining participants. The winner drawn first is no longer entitled to his prize after the deadline.
The participant is responsible for the accuracy of the data provided.

6 Publications

The winner gives his or her express permission for Hotel Leutascherhof to publish him or her on Meta as the winner of the prize draw and on the official company website, as well as in the press, stating his or her name.

In general, we would like to point out that we will take photos for our communication channels and publish them subsequently.

7 Disruptions in the process; liability

Hotel Leutascherhof - Wandl OHG reserves the right to interrupt or terminate the competition at any time, taking into account the interests of the participants, if technical reasons make its proper continuation impossible or there is a suspicion of abuse.

Hotel Leutascherhof has the right to exclude participants from the competition who manipulate or attempt to manipulate the entry process or the competition and/or who violate the rules of the game. This also applies to participants who provide false information about themselves.

The Hotel Leutascherhof does not guarantee that the Internet pages on which the competition is offered, among other things, will function properly at all times, and in particular does not guarantee that the company website will not be overloaded.

The Hotel Leutascherhof is not liable for damages during arrival or departure.

A booking already made outside the competition, the arrival and departure in ÖBB and DB trains, will not be refunded.

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8 Responsibility for the content and release from liability

The participant undertakes not to upload any photos or texts that infringe the copyright, personal rights or trademark rights of third parties or that violate competition law or other laws. Furthermore, he/she undertakes to respect the right to his/her own image and texts and not to upload any texts from persons who have not given their express consent. The legal responsibility in this respect lies exclusively with the participant.

The participant assures Hotel Leutascherhof that his/her texts or photos do not violate the rights of third parties or otherwise violate applicable laws.

In the event of an intentional or grossly negligent violation of paragraphs 1 and 2, the participant shall indemnify Hotel Leutascherhof against all claims, regardless of their nature, which are raised by third parties due to violations of rights based on the content published by the participant as part of the competition. In addition, the participant shall reimburse the Hotel Leutascherhof for the costs of legal defense. This applies expressly and without limitation to claims arising from copyright or trademark infringements, violations of competition law or violations of general personal rights or the right to one's own image and text.

9 Declaration of consent under data protection law

If the use of the services requires the storage of personal data (for example, participation in competitions), the Hotel Leutascherhof processes the data disclosed by the user to fulfill the services used by the user.

Hotel Leutascherhof will take all reasonable technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of personal data.

The following data is collected from participants by the Hotel Leutascherhof and stored on a secure server by the Hotel Leutascherhof - it is used solely for the design, implementation and execution of the competition and will not be used for advertising purposes: First and last name of the participant, e-mail address, address.

Each participant is entitled at any time to revoke the participation in the competition at the Hotel Leutascherhof and to request in writing information about their personal data stored by us and any recipients. Likewise, Hotel Leutascherhof is obligated to correct, block or delete the data stored about the participant at the participant's request, provided that other legal regulations (e.g. legal storage obligations) do not prevent this.

10 Final provisions

The competition is subject to Austrian law to the exclusion of the conflict of law rules.

Should individual provisions within these terms and conditions of participation be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

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