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A winter wonderland in Tyrol

A sustainable winter holiday at the Leutascherhof

The area around the Leutascherhof is transformed into a dreamlike winter landscape with the first snowfall: Situated at an altitude of 1,130 metres, Leutasch is a snow-covered winter wonderland that leaves nothing to be desired for those who love outdoor activities. The Biohotel Leutascherhof is located in the immediate vicinity of the Seefeld Olympic Region and specialises in winter sports other than alpine skiing. Leutasch and the Seefeld plateau offer the best conditions for cross-country skiers and bi-athletes.

Ski tourers will find many route options in the Karwendel Nature Park and the Wetterstein Mountains. If you want to ski in the classic way, you can do so in nearby Seefeld. Leutasch also has a lot to offer off the beaten track: the many tobogganing and snowtubing possibilities are particularly appealing to families. In the Leutascherhof we also offer snowshoe hikes, where you can get to know the quiet side of the mountain landscape.

In the landscape
The Leutascherhof is the cross-country skiing hotel in Tyrol. In the Seefeld Olympic Region you can train on tracks used by professional bi-athletes in a dreamlike winter landscape.
To the mountains
Only a few minutes away from Leutasch, the beautiful ski resorts around Seefeld await you with 15 cable cars. In Leutasch you can go on various ski tours.
Through the forest
In the immediate vicinity of the Biohotel Leutascherhof you will find a total of five different toboggan runs. The hotel also offers guided snowshoe hikes.
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Skiing and ski touring in Tyrol

Discover the Seefeld Olympic Region!

Only ten minutes away from the Biohotel Leutascherhof, the skiers among our guests can get their money's worth. The two “Rosshütte” and “Gschwandkopf” ski resorts in Seefeld are not the largest, but they are among the most beautiful ski resorts in Austria. With around 15 cable cars, the two ski resorts are very clearly laid out and are therefore also ideal for families. Black slopes also offer challenges for experienced skiers.

The Leutasch valley with its surrounding ski mountains is a true paradise for ski tourers. Here you will find some of the most beautiful tours in Tyrol - for beginners there is an ascent to the Rauthhütte. We are happy to suggest tours at different levels of difficulty. On the Bergfex ski tour portal you can inform yourself in advance online.


Off-piste activities

Venture into the most beautiful winter forests of Tyrol

Can you only hear your own breath and the crunching snow under your shoes? Then you are probably on a path through the winter forest in the Leutasch high valley. In the immediate vicinity of the Leutascherhof you will find five natural toboggan runs, which you can explore together with your loved ones: At the toboggan runs at the Kreithlift (illuminated), at the Rauthhütte, the Hämmermoosalm and the Wettersteinhütte, an inviting alpine hut awaits you at the end, where you can warm up. The toboggan run in the Satteltal valley - without a managed hut - is particularly picturesque.

Even without a toboggan you can still venture into the winter forests around Leutasch: In the cold season you will encounter a very special peace in the woods. Every sound is swallowed by a dense blanket of snow. Several times a week we offer guided snowshoe hikes with our mountain and nature guide Andreas. On a snowshoe hike you will get to know the beauty of the mountain winter.