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Wellness in the Biohotel

Pause and marvel amidst the magnificent mountain scenery of Tyrol

Kraxenofen hay ovens, Brechlbad sauna, salt stone, and apple trees enrich the wellness landscape at our Leutascherhof and give a strong impression of the regional! Wellness means nothing more than feeling good. Nowhere is this easier to achieve than when you pause and marvel at the grandiose mountain scenery of our Tyrolean Alps. Best on a hay-scented alpine meadow. We will have this vista ready for you if you come back to the Leutascherhof after a tour in the Karwendel and want to lean back in our wellness area. Here is a small overview of the relaxation possibilities in our “Wohlfühlalm” spa area:

Kraxenöfen Hay Ovens
The warm Kraxenöfen are filled with hay by our organic farmer. Let the mild hay haze act on your back and shoulders and enjoy the view of the Ahrnspitze. Effect: relieves muscle tension, has an anti-inflammatory effect and eases back, neck and shoulder tension.
Brechlbad Sauna
In the Brechlbad, our rustic, forest-scented wellness alpine hut, you can sweat at a temperature of 60°C and enjoy the view of the Öfelekopf. Effect: regenerates the respiratory tract and has a beneficial effect on body and soul.
Infrared Cabin
Our “Luis Trenker Infrared Cabin” delivers pleasant deep heat at low temperatures around 30°C to 50°C. Effect: stimulates the cardiovascular system, activates the immune system, purifies, and regenerates your body after sport.
Finnish Sauna
Sweat it out like in the far north: in the Finnish sauna you can relax at an average temperature of 85°C with low humidity. Effect: stabilises and stimulates the cardiovascular system and blood circulation, strengthens the immune system, purifies the environmental toxins accumulated in the body, relieves muscle tension.
Steam Bath
The moist heat in the eucalyptus steam bath with temperatures from 40°C to 55°C and a high humidity of approx. 80 to 100% ensures rapid warming and strong blood circulation in the body. Effect: has a pleasant effect on the respiratory tract, mucous membranes and skin.
Salt Stone Sauna
In the salt stone sauna you can relax with a view of the natural scenery of the Karwendel mountain region at a hot 90°C and enjoy the interplay of warmth, humidity and natural Himalayan salt. Effect: provides deep relaxation, cleanses and regenerates respiratory tract and skin.

10.12.2020 - 05.04.2021


7 nights incl. organic special board

from € 779,- per person

10.12.2020 - 05.04.2021


7 nights incl. cross-country skiing course

from € 875,- per person

Our Relaxation Rooms

Wellness in the Tyrolean Biohotel

“You should treat yourself to targeted relaxation. We can only become more efficient and more cheerful by taking regular breaks.”

Andreas, Leutascherhof Mountain Hiking Guide

Sun terrace and quiet garden

Our cosy sun terrace on the ground floor is waiting for you to switch off and regenerate, with a quiet garden and generous lawn for sunbathing lying directly next to it. Your feet in the grass and the head in the clouds – how does that sound?

The rest of the wellness area is also tuned to our Alpine philosophy, with an “Apfelbangert” – a “Bangert” for the front garden – and lots of wood, a fountain and benches. Alpine pleasures and essential relaxation!

Panorama relaxation room and sunny balcony

The panorama relaxation room and our sunny balcony on the third floor guarantee you relaxed moments of well-being. From here you have a wonderful view of the Karwendel mountain area in the midst of a relaxed atmosphere and the finest natural materials.

The Leutascherhof was not originally planned and built according to energy specifications, but a lot of thought was given to the topic of well-being and important decisions were made not only on the basis of practical benefits. The panorama relaxation room bears witness to this – it simply conveys a very special atmosphere!

“When I buy a new floor for the hotel, I always walk barefoot through the store to get a feel for the material and its effect.” A pleasant feel and natural materials do you good – guests can discover the truth of this fact every day!
Christian Wandl, Leutascherhof Manager