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Gain new strength in a gentle way

Our wellness programme

What could be more beautiful than exploring nature on a glowing day and then really relaxing with a feel-good massage?.. Here at the Leutascherhof there are many special possibilities to relax in the alpine way ...

Massage is regarded as one of the oldest remedies of all. It is a holistic treatment of muscles, tendons and nerves. Stress hormones are reduced and physical and psychological tensions are released. The head becomes free and the energy can flow again.

In addition to the classic full-body massage, guests can also enjoy treatments such as “river & forest”, “summit storm” or “mountain & valley”. A hiking massage with alpine paraffin is available as well as special traditional treatments, always using organic products.

10.12.2020 - 05.04.2021


7 nights incl. organic special board

from € 779,- per person

10.12.2020 - 05.04.2021


7 nights incl. cross-country skiing course

from € 875,- per person

A few examples of special alpine highlights:

  • Alpine head massage: after wearing a rucksack for a long time, this soothing massage is just right for the neck and scalp!
  • Alpine herb stamp massage: fabric bags filled with plant extracts, fruits and spices are heated by steam and then passed over the body in a soothing way
  • Hot Tyrolean stones: hot stones with a regional twist. The body is pre-warmed with the stones – this stimulates the metabolism and simply does you good!
  • Tyolean alpine honey massage: honey is rich in minerals, proteins, enzymes and vitamins. It regenerates damaged skin cells and refreshes the skin with new moisture.
  • Abdominal reflex zone massage: this special treatment method strengthens – just like its little brother, the foot reflex zone massage – the immune system, activates the inner centre and relaxes sustainably
  • Ear candle treatment: ear candles are a traditional natural remedy. They work against stress, insomnia, headaches or earaches. The beeswax comes from a controlled organic beekeeping and does not contain any harmful substances.